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A day at camp


We start the day with a choice of cereals and toast. Some days there are other treats like bacon sandwiches.


We then head to our big celebration of the morning. We have a lively time of games, songs, stories, worship, prayer and competitions.  We sit in our colour teams and earn lots of points.


Most days we have a choice of sandwiches or jacket potatoes followed by cake and fruit.

free time

At some point in the day, there will be the chance to hang out with new friends and use the field, playground equipment, chapel and indoor space. There will be various activities to do.

after hours

This is our evening meeting gathered around the campfire (weather permitting). We will have a time of worship, prayer, discussion, hearing people's stories and the opportunity to share our own if we want to.

bed time

We will then head off to bed, sleeping in dormitories. We know that camp is very exciting so we make sure that once in bed everyone goes to sleep so that we are refreshed and ready to start all over again the next day.

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Everyone gets involved in chores at some point in the week. This might be clearing tables or sweeping floors.


We often head to the pool; we have an indoor pool and enjoy inflatables, floats and ball games. 

Afternoon activity

We will do something different each afternoon, sometimes you will have a choice of workshops ranging from craft to sport to cooking. We also play team games often involving water!


We have something different each night and can cater for all sorts of allergies and diets. We always make sure no one goes hungry!

youth hub

Those in year 6 or 7 will have the chance to go to our youth hub and spend a bit more time together.

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