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Where will I be sleeping?

You will be sleeping on a camp bed in a classroom with 7/8 other children of the same gender and similar age. We will try our best to put you with your friends or siblings, just let us know when booking who you would like to be with.

You will need to bring some bedding and your favourite pillow with you to make your bed all comfy.

After a long and busy day you will head back to your dorm with your dorm leaders. You will have time to get yourself ready for bed, don’t forget to brush your teeth! Then your leaders will settle you down and make sure everyone has what they need, you might spend some time chatting as a dorm about what you have done that day or what you would like to do the following day. All of the leaders are Christians and may like to say a prayer before you go off to sleep. It will then be time for lights out and time to get some sleep ready for another busy day.

What happens at bedtime?

What will I eat?

Most mornings we have toast and a choice of cereals for breakfast. We will then have some days where we have build your own sandwiches or wraps for lunch, others we might have pizza or jacket potatoes. After a busy day we will have a hot dinner, some of our favourites are lasagne, roast dinner and sausages! We encourage everyone to try dinner (unless it is something they are not allowed to eat obviously!) but if you really don’t like it there will always be something else available.

Every day at camp is a busy day with a wide variety of activities. We hope you will enjoy everything we do but if something's not quite your cup of tea it's never long before we are moving on and doing something totally different. We enjoy swimming, free time, sport, craft, music, dance, drama, wide games, wet games and messy games. We also have a meeting every morning called Powerhouse. This is a big celebration where we find out our theme for the day, sing, learn more about God and get to know each other.

What sort of activities will we be doing?

What happens if I hurt myself or don’t feel well?

If you have an accident or hurt yourself in any way your leaders will make sure you see a first aider. There will be several qualified first aiders who will know what to do to help you. If you need taking to a doctor we will let your grownups know and make arrangements to either take you or get your grownups to take you. We promise we will do everything we can to get you back to camp afterwards so that you don’t miss out!

If you feel unwell you may have to go home for a while as we don’t want any illness to spread through the camp. If you are better and no longer infectious please come back and join us as soon as possible.

Lots of people miss home when they are away at camp, even the leaders. We will do everything we can to make your camp experience the best it can be. We find sometimes it helps to write a letter or a postcard to your mum, dad or someone at home.


Parents: We will let you know if your child is struggling and will ask you if there is anything you would like us to do. We have found that speaking to mum or dad on the phone can make it worse so we would normally advise a letter or email first. After this, with your agreement, we may suggest your child speaks to someone else on the phone like a brother or sister as this can help.

What happens if I miss home?

What are the camp rules?

1: Stop, look and listen when someone is talking.

2: Respect everyone and their property.

3: Join in with everything and give it your best!

4: Stay within the boundaries.

5: Stay quiet after lights out and don’t keep your    leaders up!

First, a leader will speak to you and make sure you understand which rule you broke and see if there is anything they can do to help you keep the rules. 

If you continue to break the rules you will be spoken to by a more senior leader and may have to miss out on an activity. 

If your behaviour is considered dangerous to yourself or other campers you may need to be sent home from camp. 

At the end of camp your grownups will be able to see your behaviour chart for the week so make sure there are lots of positives on there! 

What happens if I break the rules?

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