Workshop Supplies:

A pen, Lined Paper

Workshop Supplies:


Your hands!

Workshop Supplies:

A deck of cards


Workshop Supplies:

Today we will be making cookies, please see the recipe below. Don't forget you will need a grown-up!


Workshop Supplies:

A breakfast bowl, pencil, four pieces of white paper, four pieces of different coloured card, glue, scissors, a pen that writes well, glitter, sequins and stickers. 


Workshop Supplies:

Anything around the house you could make music with… eg. Sticks, pots, pans, chairs etc


Who is it for?

Content is aimed mainly at CTC aged children (9 years old – 12 years old) but children of any age might like to join in, with parents permission

Why ctc online?

We were so sad to have to cancel our regular summer camp for the first time in history. Our CTC team still wanted to provide young people with a fun way to engage with God over the summer, so we have taken a little of our usual CTC flavour online! We hope to be back to fully functioning camp next summer.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! CTC online is free of charge, we hope it blesses you. Please feel free to share the Youtube links with other families who you think might like to watch!

 I'm a children's worker, can I do this in a group?

Yes you can! As well as writing some activity pages for children to do by themselves, we have also written some bible studies for you do work through with your young people.

When will it be available?

The videos will go live at 3 points in each day:

10am: Powerhouse - challenges, stories and general silliness.

2pm: Workshops - lots of new skills for you to try out.

6pm: After Hours -  a chance for you to spend time with God.

The videos will be available at these times each day, but will also still be available after then, so if you aren't free you can still catch up!

There will also be a Kit Notes session that can be found below, you can do these in your own time at home.


CTC 2021

25th - 30th July

1st - 6th August

We're looking forward to seeing you next year.

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